Marbella – a luxurious holiday destination

Marbella’s motto is ‘A Way of Life’ and, certainly, this luxurious resort town seems to have it all. You can explore the honeycomb of surrounding narrow streets where homes and shops intermingle to create the atmosphere of a small village, rather than a cosmopolitan town. From Guadalalmina to Cabopino, the Marbella coastline stretches along some 26 kilometres of sunny beaches bathed by the Mediterranean. Casinos, clubs and just about every sporting activity under the sun, few places can match Marbella for world class tennis, sailing and golf.
Marbella has witnessed the arrival of the Phoenicians, Romans and Moors and over the centuries has seen its name changed many times. Named Barbesula by the Romans, then Barbella, it was finally given the name Marbella by the Catholic Monarchs, Isabella and Ferdinand, which means beautiful sea. There are ruins of an old Arab wall as well as a labyrinth of narrow white washed streets, old churches and squares, and lots of fascinating shops and boutiques.
Protected by the mountains on the north side and cooled by the Mediterranean on the south, Marbella has a unique microclimate that has been a major reason for permanent immigration here. Only a couple of hours distance from major cities like Sevilla and ski-resorts like Granada, its location is unparalleled for using as a seaside travel base.
Puerto Banùs
As for beauty, nothing compares to the charm of Puerto Banus. This is the place where you can enjoy  aboard a luxurious multi-million yacht watching the passersby, or go shopping at world-famous fashion houses and boutiques. Over the years, the port has expanded considerably and now there is a casino, the shopping center – El Corte Inglés, a maritime observatory and a multiplex cinema in which films are shown in their original language. The nightlife here is simply bubbling in open bars, piano clubs and nightclubs that are open from dusk to dawn.